Giant Land
by Jeffrey Ford

Once a giant kept three people in a birdcage. It was made of twigs from the trees of Giant Land and it hung in the corner of his kitchen over the rotisserie. Steam was always rising and sometimes sparks would jump up and set the people's clothes on fire. They thought they might be dreaming, but still they frantically slapped at the flames with their coats to smother them.

He had taken them at night, two men and a woman—snatched their cars right off the interstate and put them in a burlap sac. By sunrise he had made his way back up the mountain unseen. He took them, wriggling like earthworms, out of their cars and put them in the birdcage. Every day he fed them bowls of grease soup, potatoes and chocolate. When they got fat enough, he intended to eat them. One night when the woman was sleeping and the Giant was puttering around his kitchen, the two men in the cage called him over. The Giant was not averse to speaking with his captives; most times he was even civil. "Yes, gentlemen," he said in a whisper that blew back their hair.

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Story Copyright © 2007 by Jeffrey Ford. All rights reserved.
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About the author

Jeffrey Ford has written lots of very good books and short stories. He has won things like the World Fantasy Award and the Hugo and one of his works, Cosmology of the Wider World, features enough talking animals to put Kipling to shame. Giant Land is taken from his collection The Empire of Ice Cream (Golden Gryphon Books)

His site is at

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