Issue five, sponsored by Apex Publications, publishers of past and present contributors to Serendipity Lavie Tidhar and Steven Savile, brings with it a return to form after our slightly lean December issue. On the fiction side, as well as making available for the first time since his collection Angel Road went out of print Steven Savile's excellent All that Remains Of You, we have Lady Charlotte Guest's seminal translation of the tale of London's name-giver and his brother, three other great stories and a good deal more non-fiction than in our previous issue. We hope you enjoy it.

Table of Contents
All That Remains Is You by Steven Savile Does Size Matter? by Neil Ayres
Here Be Monsters by Lynn Bartels Book Review by David Hebblethwaite
Tears by Tony Murfin Competition
The Story of Lludd and Llevelys by Lady Charlotte Guest
Magpie Sisters by Craig Laurance Gidney

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