Welcome to issue six of Serendipity, where the sisters are doing it for themselves. Not a man to be seen. Opening proceedings is Joanna Gardner's Where the Stream Comes From, which is up there with Uncle Vernon's Lie and In the Clouds as one of my favourite stories we've published in the magazine so far. Speaking of In the Clouds, we've another story from its author, Aliya Whiteley, to coincide with the launch of her second book for Macmillan, and the first in a series of offbeat detective novels about two RAF wives fed up with walnut and coffee cake and the numbing effects of gin before ten in the morning. We've also got a classic from E Nesbit and a couple of others to keep you going, plus our guide to magical realist rock & roll and more besides. And as ever, it's all free. Dive in.Finally, congratulations to the winners of last month's competition. First prize goes to Brandi Tambasco from New York and second prize to Reem Kattan in Riyadh. We hope they enjoy their winnings.

Table of Contents
Where the Stream Comes From by Joanna Gardner Serendipity play-list
Geoffrey Says by Aliya Whiteley Book Review by Tamara Kaye Sellman
Stepping Stones by Waiata Dawn Davies
The Fiery Dragon by Edith Nesbit
Ticket to Nowhere by Katy Wimhurst

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