Welcome to issue 3 of Serendipity. This time round we've a taste of science fiction, with Neil Williamson's Amber Rain, which originally appeared way back when in The Third Alternative, The Little Tailor, Stephanie Burgis' tale of love and truth-stretching, and one of Lavie Tidhar's first Vanuatu-based stories, the semi-documentary Bishop Patteson's Crocodiles, along with a contemporary tale by Mark Charan Newton, set in the English midlands.David Isaak has more to say on mixing reality and fiction in his essay on magical realist films, and we've the usual reviews and publication of a classic piece of genre fiction with Robert Louis Stevenson's metafictional Fables.

Table of Contents
The Little Tailor by Stephanie Burgis Book Reviews
Bishop Patteson Magical Realist Films by David Isaak
Fables by Robert Louis Stevenson
The River Stone Heart Of Maria Dela Rosa by Kate Aton-Osias
Amber Rain by Neil Williamson

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