Welcome to issue seven of Serendipity. Spring is here at last. The crocuses and daffodils have bloomed; the tulips are on their way and the blossom has pasted itself across the pavement thanks to the storms and floods England has been subjected to.

This issue we're pleased to introduce the writing of Dan Sheehan, an English Literature student at Trinity College and a writer I reckon it's worth keeping an eye out for in future. There's also a story from interstitial author Julie K Rose (Her subject matter is interstitial. It isn't that she's fallen down the cracks) and a classic from Jean Aicard. Enjoy.

Table of Contents
Time of the Witch by Alison J Littlewood Book Review by Tamara Kaye Sellman
The Vase of Clay by Jean Aicard
Dryad by Julie K Rose
Have You Ever Seen A Fairy? by Amy Sanderson

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